It has always been my thing to roam around and wander and I have always been good with directions and places. No wonder, when I got older and can now pay for my unnecessary luho, I decided to travel. Not that I’ve been to a lot of places, but I’m planning to and it’s on my list. I’ve dreamed of traveling to different places, in and out of the country, with or without someone.

Aside from traveling, food is something that whenever I talk about, my eyes sparkle (something I didn’t notice, until someone pointed it out to me). There’s something about good food and nice place to think and chat. And when I say nice place, it has to have a nice interior. I’m a sucker of such. Bring me to a place with cool and unique interior, I will love you.

And lastly, I like to believe that I am still young and I still have the energy to do things. So I will also share with you my other activities aside from traveling and eating.

Btw, I also have a personal blog. To get to know me more, you can check it here: Painter is to canvas as I to this.

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