“In leaving behind the routines and assumptions of home — in taking that resolute first step into the world — you’ll find yourself entering a much larger and less constrictive paradigm.”  – Vagabonding

Maybe I know what I need in my life right now: a jump-start.

I’m a self-proclaimed planner than a doer. You could see me cutting out pieces from a magazine for my dream board, writing in my planner or creating list of what I should accomplish for the next few months or years, but I rarely follow them through. People who know me so well may already be pissed, because they know how often I plan for the future, but somewhere along the road, something gets in the way and I change my plan.

I am not fond of spontaneity, I am afraid of taking risks and leaving my comfort zone. But I guess that is what I need to conquer. Maybe that is what I am missing. I always plan things ahead, but then I forget not everything goes the way I want it.

Maybe I should stop saying “someday, I will…” instead, I should start saying, “I am doing this…”

Maybe I shouldn’t wait for the perfect time and plan for the perfect journey, maybe today is the right time and any journey is perfect.




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