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How to be Pretentiously Artsy in Pinto Art Museum


I didn’t know that we have a Museum Month here in the Philippines. But in time for that celebration, I would like to share some photos from my favorite museum: Pinto Art Museum.

I have always enjoyed going to museums. I’ve been to Negros Museum, Metropolitan Museum, National Museum and War Remnants Museum in Vietnam to name some. But Pinto Art Museum is my favorite so far. I first saw it from Tracy Ayson’s blog early this year then it has been all over my feeds since then. So last April, I went to see it for myself. And I was not disappointed.

Here, let me share some of my photos…


Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:00AM – 6:00PM. A ticket costs 180Php, but they have discounts for Senior Citizens: 150Php and Students: 100Php, just bring valid IDs. And for the kids below 3 years old are free! (information as of April 2015)


It was around lunchtime when we got there, so we first got our fill. There is a café inside Pinto Art Museum, it is called: Café Tan-aw.


I remember ordering Tribeca and Santorini for the pasta. I cannot remember the name of the pizza. And then we had cheesecake for dessert. The food was okay, but it’s a bit pricey. This is understandable because it is located inside the museum.

After getting our lunch, we were more than ready to explore the place!

I will only post some of my favorite photos. The rest is for you to see personally and appreciate. 



This is probably the most famous piece in Pinto Art. Everyone who visited this museum has this photo taken.


Are they screaming or singing?


This is Paraluman. Make sure you read the description on the side to get to know her.

I thought that Pinto Art Museum is just one big museum, but it is not. It is consist of several galleries and you have to walk from one gallery to another. Each galleries has their own theme.


Here’s my friend, Krissy, about to go into one of the galleries.

If you are a pretentiously artsy person like me, you would really enjoy Pinto Art Museum. Every corner is snapshot-worthy. Of course, I took the chance to have my #OOTD taken inside the museum.


Behind me is what I believe is the largest painting in the museum.

Pretentiously artsy tip #1: Make sure to wear something worthy of an #OOTD but make sure it is comfy as well. Don’t wear long sleeves, guys. Mainit!





What I like most about art is that, like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. With art, there’s no right or wrong interpretation. I think, how you interpret it is based on your experiences. The painter or artist may have something in mind when the art was created but the interpretation may vary depending on the person looking at it. That’s the reason why I like looking at paintings and arts, I can create my own story about it.


Inside the Adult Section


I can see ‘uterus’. Can you see it too?

Pretentiously artsy tip #2: Have a photo taken looking at the paintings. It makes you look ‘artsy’. Make sure to look as if you’re intently observing the paintings. 


These paintings are a visual representation of what goes inside my head.




Are you nothing without me?

If you get tired of looking at the paintings and sculptures, you can just look around and you can still find some art.


Like this window. It looks lonely to me.


The view while taking a break from all the walk

One last look of the place before we go…


Pretentiously artsy tip #3: Project, girl! Dedma kung tusok-tusok ang bato na inuupuan o ang dingding na sinasandalan, ang mahalaga, maiconvey mo na ikaw ay isa prententiously artsy na tao na nakakaappreciate ng art. 

There you go! These are only some of my favorite photos. There are a whole lot more to see in Pinto Art Museum. Go there if you still haven’t. Happy Museum and Galleries month!

Address: Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. Contact info: 6971015. Email:

♥ Andrea

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