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Photo Blog: Alserkal Avenue


Whenever I visit any city, one of the things I always search for is the ‘artsy place list‘. Sorry, but I am a typical millennial, a sucker for nice back drops and a person who appreciates aesthetics and the arts.

Dubai, being one of the most modern and lively cities in the world, for sure would have tons of artsy places to be at, and one place that would always, always be on the artsy list is the Alserkal Avenue.

Alserkal Avenue is located at Al Quoz Industrial Area. It is hailed as the art and culture district in Dubai and a community of contemporary art galleries, visual and performing arts organizations, designers and artisanal spaces. It is an essential platform for the UAE’s emerging artists, cultural practitioners, creative entrepreneurs and homegrown initiatives — a true haven for any artistic lovers or appreciator of arts

One of the many events that is held in Alserkal, and I think the most famous one, is the Quoz Arts Fest.

I was lucky to be able to visit the said art fest in 2020, before the pandemic started and before masks turned into fashion. It is an annual event that usually takes place in the last weekend of January

Last January 28 – 30, 2022 Quoz Art Fest returned for its 9th edition. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit, but here are some amazing photos taken at the event by my dear friend, Joanna (check out more of her photos on her Instagram, linked to her name)

Some of the things you can do at the Art Fest are: visit Instagrammable art, movie marathon at Cinema Akil, catch live performances, munch on glorious food and join in on workshops.

Well, Alserkal… I will definitely return for the next Quoz Art Fest. And probably tomorrow to watch a live performance.

Hope to see you around Alserkal <3

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