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Neil’s Kitchen: Date Night


For someone who’s always on the lookout for artsy restaurants, I didn’t let Neil’s Restaurant escape my radar. I found out about Neil’s Kitchen through Instagram. When I saw their beautiful interior in photos, I knew I have to visit this restaurant. I have made several attempts to go to Neil’s Kitchen, but being a Northern girl (Far-view, represent!), I have to consider the time and means to go to South.

Finally, I found the perfect occasion to see Neil’s Kitchen for myself, and it was no other than: Valentines Day! We celebrated Valentines 3 days after the 14th because we didn’t want to join the flock of couples celebrating on the date itself.



More than the interiors, I was excited to taste what Neil’s Kitchen has to offer. Neil’s Kitchen offers Filipino dishes. I did a quick research on what is their best seller food. The most recommended was the Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly, which was quite intriguing. It got me thinking, “Paella ba to na may sabaw? or Sinigang na may kanin? (hahaha!)” Whatever it was, I was willing to give it a shot. Aside from Sinigang Paella (P350), we ordered Grilled Chicken and Crispy Pork Dinuguan Fondue (P350) and Southern Beef Bulalo (P395) (because we already figured out that Sinigang na Paella doesn’t have a soup).


Settled for this flatlay because we were already starving!


We love everything! The Sinigang Paella is really a must-try. Don’t leave Neil’s Kitchen without trying it. To feed your curiosity, Sinigang Paella is still Paella but it tastes like Sinigang. And the Crispy Pork Dinuguan was divine! We thought Kanin Club’s Crispy Diniguan was the best, but now I think they’ve found a competition. However, the Bulalo may need a little improvement.

What we liked most about Neil’s Kitchen was the attentiveness of the staff. When we asked for the bill, we also asked them to pack our leftovers for take out, except for the Bulalo. Other restaurants might not bother to ask, but Neil’s Kitchen noticed that we did not want to pack the bulalo so they asked for our feedback and relayed it to their manager.

Just right after settling our bill and while waiting for our take away food, we were surprised we were given a complementary dessert delivered by their manager. There was really no need to do that, but we appreciated it. I’ve worked in a customer service field before and I know what going the extra mile is. And Neil’s Kitchen exemplified that! They definitely made one customer very satisfied. So whenever someone asks me if I recommend Neil’s Kitchen, without skipping a beat I would say yes. Because I would always remember them not only because of their good food but their excellent customer service as well.

neils 6

Happy kids!


Happy Blogger! Both my tummy and eyes were full 🙂

Food:  4.75
Ambiance: 5
Customer Service: 5
Value for Money: 5


Dreiality Bites



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