My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience


I wanted to share my experience because I know there are a lot of people who share the same condition as I do and it would help them to know what happens before, during and after the whole wisdom tooth extraction process.

I had an impacted lower wisdom teeth. As per the dentists, I can keep it as long as it don’t hurt or bother me. But it started to bother me when I noticed food particles getting stuck in between my impacted tooth and my normal tooth and it got harder to remove when I brush, so I decided to have my impacted teeth removed. A friend recommended me to her dentist, Dr. Cristina Estrada from PGH.

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For the initial consultation, she will first check the situation of your teeth. It’s best if you already have a panoramic xray. If you don’t have one yet, she’ll give you a request for that. Once, she assessed your teeth, she will schedule you for the surgery. For my case, it will be 2 sessions: the first session, she will take out the 2 impacted wisdom tooth first, then I will go back for the upper 2 (which is a normal extraction only). My initial consultation costs 500 pesos.


During my inital consult, I was given instructions on what I need to take prior to the surgery. 2 days before the surgery, I need to start on Orahex (gargle). 1 day before the surgery, I started the antibiotics (CoAmoxiclav) 2x a day for 7 days. And 1 hour before my surgery, I took Advil.

Also, before the surgery they got my blood pressure. It was a bit high so they let me rest for a while.



The surgery took place in the Dental OPD of PGH, because that was where Dr. Estrada was on duty. She was the head of the Dental OPD at that time, so while my operation was going on, there were interns who were coming to our cubicle asking for her recommendations/suggestions. And she was answering them while she was doing my operation. Super cool!

Anyway, so at the start of the operation, she brought out her materials fresh from her cloth pouch. She had an assistant dentist who held the suction for me. Also, she gave me two stress balls (which were super helpful!) so that I can squeeze them if ever I get nervous (which was all the time — I was squeezing them all throughout the operation).

The operation went well. It took us around 1 hr and 30 mins to finish (faster than she thought: 2hours). The operation itself wasn’t painful. You’ll just hear the buzzing sound from her instrument and the cracking sound when she’s pulling the tooth. There were times when I will feel slightly ‘ngilo’ and I would react, she would then inject another shot of anesthesia. What I like about the operation was she’s very tender and she did everything slowly. She’s like a mother. So I didn’t mind that my mom was not there, because Dr. Estrada made sure that I was comfortable.


After the procedure, she had to do an xray to make sure that it was clean and there were nothing left on the spot of the tooth.

Cost: 8,000/tooth (this varies depending on the situation of your tooth); xray: 90 pesos


I took the Advil right after the surgery to take care of the pain once the anesthesia wears off. When it did wear off, I can feel the heaviness in my jaw. It wasn’t painful, like the pain when you have a toothache. It’s more of like it was punched and there’s this stinging feeling. My go-to remedy is my ice pack which I put every after 30 minutes. (I’m actually typing with the ice pack on my face)

I was given my do’s and dont’s post-surgery:

  1. Do not spit or suck through a straw, since this promotes bleeding.
  2. When fever occurs after the surgery, take your usual anti-pyretics
  3. Some discomfort is normal after surgery. It can be controlled but not eliminated by taking the pain pills you were prescribed.
  4. It is important to increase fluid intake after surgery
  5. Eat regular meals as soon as able. Cold soft diet, such as ice cream and yogurt, is most comfortable for the first 24 hours.
  6. Swelling after surgery is a normal body reaction. Maximum swelling will peak 48 hours after surgery and will usually last 4 to 6 days.
  7. Apply ice pack over the area of surgery for 20-30 minutes every hour for the first 24 hours only. This will help with the swelling, pain and bleeding.
  8. On the third day after the surgery, apply warm compress on the area of surgery for 20-30 minutes every hour.
  9. rest is strictly advised for the first 24 hours.
  10. Avoid strenuous activities like sports, weightlifting, aerobics for 5-7 days after surgery.
  11. Do not sleep on the operative side.
  12. Keep your head elevated with several pillows or sit on a lounge chair.
  13. After surgery, you may experience jaw muscle stiffness and limited mouth opening. This will improve in 5-10 days or earlier once warm compress is done.
  14. Absorbable sutures need not to be removed. It will dissolve in 14-28 days.
  15. Call the dentist when the bleeding cannot be controlled with biting on gauze OR when allergic reactions are observed.

Hope this post helps. And goodluck with the surgery! You can do it!

PS. Will update it once I’m done with my second session. 


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  • Grace santos

    Hi sis., pede malaman yung no. Ng doc. Na ng tangal sa wisdom tooth mo? O kailangan pili muna ako sa PGH?

  • jenny abanilla

    Hi! May I ask po the contact details ni Dr. Cristina Estrada? 🙂 and should i process something bago yung consultation sa kanya?Thanks!

  • Kate Xiao

    San ka po nagpaxray and why it is so cheap? It only costs 90 pesos?

  • Nicko

    I love reading the article and feedback for Dr. Estrada! I’m her personal secretary now and I’m glad and proud knowing this. Thankyou!!!

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