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Masskara Festival Travel Guide



Known as the City of Smiles, Bacolod City celebrates MassKara Festival every October, with the highlights of the event on the 3rd week of the month. The festival started back in the 80’s when the city went through a crisis. The Bacolodnons decided to hold a festival to show that no matter how tough times get, they will able to survive and get through it.

What to expect during the festival?

1. People


As what is expected with all other festivals, Bacolod at this time is crowded by people from all over the Philippines and from outside the country. Lacson Street is the busiest street in the entire event.

2. Food

Food and booze are everywhere! Food stalls are lined up along Lacson Street, in addition to the restaurants that are situated in the said street. Bacolod is also known as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines, so you can expect A LOT of sweets around, and of course the ihaw-ihaw Chicken Bacolod is also present.

3. Concerts

Aside from the concerts held by the two popular TV Stations in the Philippines, there are also concerts attended by the most sought-after DJs in the Philippines. Just look out at the posters and ads on the streets. You might want to check out: MassKara Invasion. And not to mention the 4-day MassKaraLand held in Lacson Street.

4. Street Dance Party


You will not fully enjoy the Masskara Festival experience if you will not watch the Street Dance Party that has two categories: School and Barangay Category. Different groups will parade in the streets and will stop at the Paglaum Sports Complex where the competition will be held. Make sure your camera is ready and you have sunblock applied to your skin. Because it is one helluva hot, sweaty yet photo-worthy moment.

Tips during Masskara Festival:

1. Wear comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing heels. Settle with flats for there will be a lot of walking. Lacson is one long street.

2. Do not forget your camera! (and your monopod.) You’ll never want to miss any photo-worthy activities or events along the way.
3. Buy (or bring, if you have one) a ziplock bag, that you can wear on your body. This is where you can keep your valuables: cellphone, atm card, cash, tickets, etc… You’ll never know if you’ll get wet or splashed by water (or paint) while walking. *wink*

4. If you will be staying before or after the Masskara weekend, you might want to visit The Ruins, Negros Museum and some of the beaches in the city. You can try Lakawon Island, Sipalay Beach or Isla Puti to name a few.

5. Lastly, make sure to buy pasalubong to give to your loved ones back home. Bacolod delicacies are: Napoleones, Piaya and danggit (dried fish).

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