Hi! My name is Andrea.

I am a Filipina, currently based in Dubai, a full-time corporate slave and part-time blogger. My life theme is to live a life with minimal regrets as possible  – what ifs aren’t very much welcome in my vocabulary.  This life theme combined with a major quarter-life crisis led me to leave my comfort zone and seek my Great Perhaps.

Quick facts:

1. I am an ENFP and a Leo

2. My ultimate dream is to be a nomad, jump from one country to another with a small luggage and laptop in tow, write a book/blog from different coffee shops without worrying about $ (Someday I am going to take that 1 year Sabbatical)



In 2014, I was thinking of a good pun for my name: Andrea (hard right!?) – the best that I came up with was ‘Dreia-lity Bites’ and thus was the birth of my blog name.

A quick google search of Reality Bites, you’ll see that it means ‘bitter truth’ or ‘comes down to earth with a bang’. For me it means that the real world can be harsh and brutal, but as an optimist, I think that no matter how bad life gets there’s always something good that will come out of it.