The past year that was 2013


2013 has been my favorite year so far. That was the year I was able to taste real freedom and was able to get out of my comfort zone. 2013 was a year for myself. I was able to go to places without having to consider someone else. It was the year when I was the most impulsive yet most productive.

Wanted to visit this place? Okay, booked. New restaurant I have to try? Okay, scheduled.

That kind of impulsive. It was the year my planner turned into a coloring book, literally. It was also the year that I gained a lot of weight. It was a side effect of having fun.

So, with all the happenings from last year: the stories, the experience and the photos I would like to share to everyone, I am (finally) going to post the long overdue posts that should’ve been blogged a year ago. And I will try (very hard) to maintain this blog and constantly update it.

Dreiality Bites


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