Week 29 of 52: July 13 – July 19, 2013

  • This week was rather breezy, windy, rainy, stormy… Typhoon Glenda hit the Philippines, and I think Quezon Province was the mostly affected area of the typhoon. Here in Manila, we experienced ultra-mega-super-duper lakas ng hangin kinda day. It was so strong our office glass door fell. Moreover, I conclude that employees are deemed waterproof by our employers. We didn’t even get a suspension! But we had food stubs. Meh!

  • I slept in the office for 2 days. One is planned the other is unplanned. I had no choice but to sleep in the office due to the typhoon. And since, a lot of us employees had the same idea of staying in the office, the quarters were jam-packed. I ended up improvising my own bed: 2 office chairs, a comfy blanket and my neck pillow. Don’t get me wrong, I had a better sleep than when I sleep in the quarters. I slept for 8 hours straight, and my back didn’t hurt… and no sleep paralysis (that I often get when I sleep in the quarters.) Yey!
  • I had champorado for breakfast. Thank God for an open Tapa King down the office during a bad weather.
  • I finally tried yoga! Thank you Yoga Plus for your wonderful P100 yoga promo for all Thursdays of July. I will be back this week for another Led Ashtanga session. Hope to do better this time. (Didn’t know yoga was that hard.)
  • Semi-finals game against Convergys held in Meralco. Unfortunately, we lost. But we gave them a good match at 23-25, both sets. We had an interactive huddle after the game. We will be having our last game, a battle for third game, next week. Hopefully, we can get that one.
  • Have you ever had a friend who you can just pour everything out without even thinking if what you’re going to say is good or bad because you know you won’t get judged? Someone who knows you so well, she knows what you are thinking and what you will say? A friend that has so much wisdom that everytime you talk to that person, you feel that you learn something at the end of the conversation and you leave feeling more empowered and enlightened than before? Luckily, I have a friend who’s like that. I visited her after 7 months of not seeing each other. And yes, I was enlightened, as always.
  • Sleepover at my sister’s place for 2 nights! Since she won’t be back until next week due to her preliminary exams. Will be back home tomorrow!
  • I am still not over Milk Tea, Maki and Cheesecake. But this week was more of a rice week. I think I gained another pound. *sobs*

That’s it, pansit.

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