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5 Suggested OOTD Spots in Taipei


Alright, I am one of the guilty users of #OOTD. Hahaha! I love seeing photos of my outfits and I enjoy posing for my OOTDs  (I even have my own trademark OOTD pose lol). So far, the place where I have the most number of OOTDs is in Taipei. And I would share below the best places to take your OOTDs when in Taipei. (Jeez, I just used the word OOTD five times.)

DISCLAIMER: You will see my face in almost all the photos. So unless you can take it, you can press the back button NOW. :p


In this case, Chiang Kai Shek. Chiang Kai Shek is a large area that houses the Memorial Hall, National Concert Hall and National Theatre. You can have your OOTD taken with any of these on the background.

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Aside from these halls, there is also a garden which is perfect for OOTDs.

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Taking your OOTD in a train station requires kapal ng mukha. HAHAHAHA. But seriously, yes. It is unusual to have a photo taken in a train station because… it is not a tourist attraction. Imagine, you see someone having a photo taken in MRT. Diba you will sometimes shake your head kasi naman anong kapicture-picture don? But that’s actually a challenge for you: make a normal, non-touristy place worthy of an OOTD shot.

You can do what the locals do, but in a touristy, artsy kinda way (read: shades and fasyon)

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Or, take advantage of the busy and crowded station.


Highlight the cleanliness of the streets (if they are clean). Find a good bench if you can. And don’t forget your blogger pose (tingin sa kawalan, para mas effect!).

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Or, if you go to a touristy and crowded place, don’t wait for the people to disperse because it’ll take you forever. Instead, use them as your backdrop for a more authentic shot. Like in the photo below, make sure the busy street is captured and include the japanese lanterns to add effect.


Tip: The subject must have her back turned to the camera or have the effect of “biglang lingon” to highlight the streets.



Where else can you find a better backdrop than a museum? Just play with your poses and choose the background that fits your personality.




Yey, last photos of my face! Anyway, Ximending has a lot of wall arts. You just have to find them. (We didn’t know how we got there, so I can’t tell you where it is exactly.) You just have to walk and walk around.

There you go! And of course, these OOTD shots will not be possible without my travel buddy and awesome photographer, Krissy. Thanks a lot for your patience with me. :* (She is a good subject too!)



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