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Fourth of July. Friday Night. No work! It could have been a perfect Friday if it was not for the traffic and the rain. We planned this few weeks back, since my cousin just got back to the Philippines and the last time we saw each other was almost a year ago. So, we thought it was the perfect date to see each other. Despite me having a terrible cough, we pushed through with the plan.



OOTD: Thanks to my dad’s button down polo

From the very first time I saw the Magnum Cafe on my Facebook Newsfeed back in April, I said I have to try this no matter what. Later did I found out that they will only be open for a year! So, it became much more urgent and important that we get to try it as early as we can. So I asked my sister for her free schedule, which coincidentally matched my free day. We asked our cousins to join us if they want to. So the date was set and we’re good to go.

After 2 hours or braving the rain, traffic and hassle from Fairview to SM North (to meet my sister) to The Fort, we finally arrived at SM Aura a quarter before 9PM. Good thing it was Friday, mall hours are until 11PM. We met up with our cousins there.




20140704_212039_1 20140704_214110_1

The original plan was to have dinner at 7:30PM then grab our dessert at Magnum Café afterwards. Since we were late, we just had our dinner there as well. The early comers already had their dinner at the NBA Café.


I had Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg (P320 ). It was creamy and tasty, which I like. Good thing, I shared it with my sister. I cannot finish that one plate alone. However my sister commented that it was too creamy, and she thinks that it might be because of the egg when it was mixed with the cream. But she loved the bacon. (Well, who in the world, doesn’t?) My cousin, Bob, had the same order too.


Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg



My cousin, Badet, ordered Tossed Arugula and Mixed Greens Salad (P285), since she was on a diet, I believe. Check her blog here.


Tossed Arugula and Mixed Greens Salad


And for the most awaited part, the desserts.

We decided we’ll order different desserts so we could try everything. I ordered Pink Friday (P350). My sister got the Red Velvet (P250). My cousin Bona and her husband and son ordered Cookie Dough Skillet (250) and my cousins Badet and Bob had their Magnum customized (P100/each).


Pink Friday


Red Velvet


Cookie Dough Skillet


Customized Magnum #1: Vanilla as the base. White Chocolate-coated. Dark Belgian Chocolate Drizzle. Toppings: Pistachio, Sea salt, butter cookie and salted caramel balls.


Customized Magnum #2

More pictures…

20140704_214903_1 20140704_214710_1 Screenshot_2014-07-06-12-55-31-1

20140704_214420_1 20140704_214821_1

20140704_214350_1 20140704_215058_1

The Pink Friday was not too sweet. I love the sour taste of the strawberries and it was complemented by the salty taste of the cheesecake. I love the strawberry-coated Magnum! I believe this is the only coated flavor that is not an option if you customized it.

The Red Velvet according to my sister was good also. She liked it better that the Pink Friday. She loved the red velvet cake and the cream with pistachios that neutralizes the sweet taste of the ice cream. She enjoyed also the chocolate syrup, which she poured over her red velvet cake and ice cream.

The Cookie Dough Skillet according to my cousin Bona, when I asked her, said it was too sweet. But it seems that my nephew, Marley (4 y/o), enjoyed it too much. He made sure it was simot!

I wasn’t able to ask my two cousins who tried the customized Magnum, but for sure they both enjoyed it.

Customized your Magnum counter…

20140704_221250_1 20140704_211409_1 20140704_211502_1 20140704_211432_1 20140704_221312_1



We were only the 1% of the Javier clan. Hope to bond with our other cousins and relatives soon!


Cousin BJ, from all over the world.

And before we leave, we  took some more pictures of the place.


Badet’s Panoramic shot. Ohhh. There I was!

My failed attempt of Panorama.

My failed attempt of Panorama.




L-R: Andrea (Me), Charm, Bob, Ate Bona and her husband Kuya Marvin.

Goodbye and see you soon moment! We’ll see each other soon. Next stop will be Pampanga, then my birthday! Til next time cousins!


Food: ♥♥♥♥

Ambience: ♥♥♥♥ (though, ang haba ng pila and medyo crowded at that time)

Service: ♥♥♥♥

Staff: ♥♥♥♥

Value for money: ♥♥♥♥

Total: 4 out of 5

Dreiality Bites



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