Week 28 of 52: July 7 – July 13, 2014

That week was officially my cheat week! Sudden cravings for Japanese Food, Milk Tea and Cheesecakes!

  • First photo:  I’ve never been fond of maki or Japanese food in general until this April. And when I started liking it, I swear I’ve been addicted. Lately, I’ve been eating maki almost every week, sometimes twice a week. Good thing, there is a cheap stall in our office where I can get a quick fix. But Last Friday, I discovered the best among all the maki I’ve ever tasted: Omakase’s Boston Roll. It has lean bacon inside, that’s why. So for all those who love bacon (I assume, everyone?), I suggest you try this!

  • Second photo: I have been passing by Dakasi in Ayala every working day because that’s where the BGC terminal is. But I never thought of trying it, until these past few weeks when I’ve been oddly addicted to milk tea. So last Friday, on my way to Omakase in Ayala Triangle, I dropped by Dakasi and bought Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea (As suggested by and I was pretty surprised that it wasn’t dark at all (my assumption since it is called “charcoal roasted”).
  • Third photo: Went to Century Mall last Saturday with my dear friend, Krissy, and saw these heavenly good-looking cupcakes! I’m not really a fan of cupcakes as I am with maki and milk tea, but I always find them attractive. I just forgot what the name of this store was.
  • Fourth Photo: After trying Borough’s Brooklyn Cheesecake, I started looking for other delicious cheesecake in town. I only tried blueberry cheesecake before and I didn’t like it. So I never craved for cheesecakes before, but now I know just what to avoid. Hihi. Last week, I tried Café Mary Grace’s Cheesecake and it was delicious! They have small serving, though. But it was good!
  • Fifth photo: It was my turn to treat my family last Sunday and since I was really craving for Japanese food, I suggested Sumo Sam. I ordered Katsudon, California Maki and Pork and Chicken Gyoza. My sister had Torikatsu, my mom and dad had Chicken Teriyaki. Taste was just fine, I didn’t expect that it was a little bit pricey. Good thing, I got my holiday pay that payday. Hihi. Just in time for that unexpected expense.
  • Sixth photo: I promised my sister that I will wait for her before we try the takoyaki in the newly-opened store in SM Fairview, Tama Yaki. But curiosity got me, so I went ahead and bought one of their best seller’s milk tea: Cheese Milk Tea. Weee. I loved it!
  • Seventh photo: I got at the office a little early than usual so I decided to walk around BGC and stopped by Serenitea. I knew Serenitea as a milk tea place and I heard a lot from my friends about it. So on that eventful night, I decided to walk in and buy Okinawa Milk tea (as suggested by the cashier girl when I ask her of their best seller). And I loved it. Oh well, I just love milk tea!
  • Eighth photo: I already had my mind set that Friday that I will be eating the cheesecake from S&R (got a lot of positive feedback about it), unfortunately, my friend forgot to buy me one. So all through out my shift I was craving for cheesecake and I didn’t know where to get one. I don’t  have S&R membership card so I have to think of something else. And then I remember a friend mentioned once that Stacy’s has a good cheesecake. So I went and tried it and on that very desperate moment, I was disappointed.  I didn’t like it nor did I eat any cheesecake for the next few days.
  • Ninth photo: My dear friend, Krissy and I used to have our monthly date last year. But I got busy for a little while (a little while means 5 months) and missed a lot of dates with her. I missed her terribly and so I tried to reconnect with her. Gladly, she said that we should grab some coffee some time and so we planned it. We were supposed to try Caffe Bene in Makati but then we changed plans the last minute and decided to go for Toby’s Estate and I’m glad we did. Toby’s was such a nice and cozy place. Plus I got to try my very first Latte Art Coffe. I ordered Mocha and requested for a heart shaped latte art. We also bought Brouille on toast. It was a toasted bread with scrambled eggs and mushroom on top. It seemed simple for a 305 peso breakfast, but it was worth it, trust me!


There, that concluded my food-studded week!


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