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Home in Cappadocia: Travel Inn Cave Hotel


Located in historic Göreme, Travel Inn Cave Hotel offers panoramic views of the Cappadocia valleys. Built into a stone hill, this hotel features a mix of ancient and modern architecture, including unique cave rooms and traditional arched rooms.

It was my friend, Tin, who took care of  the hotel booking. I am not picky when it comes to accommodations, but I specifically requested that we stay in a cave hotel. We looked at few options, but we picked Travel Inn Cave Hotel because of its high rating and great reviews from previous guests. Immediately after we booked, the hotel sent us an email to confirm our booking and we coordinated with them our tours and airport transfer.

On the day of our arrival, there was a slight delay in Tin’s baggage that we missed our airport shuttle. We called the hotel and they managed to have someone pick us up from the airport and bring us to our shuttle which was already few kilometers off the airport.

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Tin booked a Standard Room through They have a standard room with one queen bed and a room with two twin beds. We were given the two twin beds, which was perfect for us. If you have a preference, I suggest you leave a note or special request before you complete the booking.

Note: The curtains and windows were properly arranged when we got there. I already messed it up.


  • Their bed and linen are clean and comfy.
  • We have a window with a great view. Also it was squeaky clean. I was sort of expecting dust in the window, but there was none.
  • There is a heater and an electric kettle.
  • There is a heater in the bathroom to dry the clothes.


  • They don’t have a bidet. They have a removable shower though which can be extended to the toilet bowl. (According to Tin, this is usually the case in some EU countries)
  • The space was just enough for us to move, it’ll be too crowded with our bags opened. So we always keep them close.

We only intended to stay at Travel Inn Cave Hotel for one night. But due to our cancelled hot air balloon flight, we had to extend for one more night. Fortunately, we have the best hosts, Tarik and Mehmet, who offered their Family Suite for a Standard Room rate!

I wasn’t able to take photos of the Suite, so I just grabbed these photos from This is exactly how the room looks like. It was too big for the two of us — I think it can comfortably fit 6 – 8 people. The room also has a sofa and dining table.


  • Their bed and linen are clean and comfy.
  • The room is very spacious


  • The room has no window
  • No bidet, the removable shower doesn’t work when extended to the toilet bowl.
  • The electric kettle has an orange-y stain that doesn’t go away even after washing

But I am not complaining at all, we were given this room at a lower rate, with no pre-booking whatsoever — we really appreciate it!  


Restaurant. This is probably my most favorite part of the entire hotel. This is where breakfast is served every morning. It has a great view of Goreme and you’ll see hot air balloons from the window.

This area (upper photo) was our favorite spot in the restaurant. Behind the couch was a display of souvenirs collected by the owner of the hotel (Tarik and Mehmet’s dad) during his many travels. One of the souvenirs was from Palawan, Philippines. 

Breakfast. I love the variety of their breakfast. They have different kinds of cheese, jam and bread. They have tea and coffee. They have eggs, sausages and salami and cheese rolls too!

Rooftop. A quick search of Cappadocia in Instagram, you will see tons of pictures from rooftops with picturesque hot air balloon on the background. They also have that rooftop in Travel Inn Cave Hotel.

Photo owned by Khaoula Zouirchi

We weren’t able to get these kind of shots because we were riding the hot air balloon. But our 2 Moroccan friends, who were also staying in Travel Inn Cave Hotel, were able to take this beautiful shot!

Lounges. These photos are from the 2nd floor. But I noticed that they also have lounges on the 3rd and on the rooftop

Reception area. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the reception area. So I grabbed the photo below from This is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the hotel. The room on the left is the receiving area — where the guests can wait and leave their things.

Note: They also have a laundry area. But I think they charge for the laundry services. Best to check with them.


The main reason why I would highly recommend this hotel is because of the people. They were very nice and accommodating. The hotel is owned by the Yucefaydali family. The sons, Mehmet and Tarik, manage the entire hotel. We were also able to meet Mama, the mom of the family. They all welcomed us to their hotel and treated us like a family. I really felt that this is my home in Cappadocia because of them.

We had Cappadocia wine on our first night

Tarik greeted us upon arrival and explained the tours that we can avail. He arranged all the tours and transfers for us. He was very helpful in answering our questions no matter what time of the day it was and he helped us carry our stuff as we checked in and checked out.

With Mama (left photo); Mehmet wearing black top and Tarik wearing a gray hoodie (right photo)

Mehmet, the older brother and big boss, recommended us to his friend’s restaurant nearby and they gave us 10% discount. Being in Goreme feels like being in a small community where people know each other and everyone is just nice and hospitable to you.

If we are real-life friends, let me know if you plan on going to Cappadocia and staying in the same hotel. I will check with Tarik and Mehmet if they can give you discount. 🙂 I’ll just try, no guarantees!


Travel Inn Cave Hotel is situated on an uphill street. I would say it is a great location because it gives you a great view of the town. Also, it is walking distance from restaurants, souvenir shops and convenience store.

I am not sure how near the hotel is to the tourist attractions but it should not be an issue because for all the tours you will be picked up at the hotel and be brought to the tourist spots. Normally, it will just take few minutes to get from one place to another because the town is not that big.

Uphill walk leading to the hotel (left); Hotel’s facade (right)


We booked one night thru for 112 AED, breakfast included. And then another 112 AED for the second night. If you booked thru they offer free cancellation and no pre-payment needed. We paid everything upon check out.


I would highly recommend this hotel for the following reasons:

  • You get to stay in a cave hotel that has an amazing view and rooftop perfect for you IG photos.
  • Hassle-free stay as all the tours will be coordinated by the hotel.
  • Great buffet breakfast food
  • Clean and comfortable beds.

All the love from Me, Tin and Tarik 

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