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Review: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa



DISCLAIMER: Spoilers ahead.

This is the first time I will write a movie review, except of course the one you’re required to do in school after a film showing. I have tons of lazily constructed movie reviews back in school, the kind of work that you finish in a couple of minutes without thinking, just basically narrating what you have seen and inserting some few points to share (para wala, magmukhang matalino lang).

I don’t really know how to give a proper movie review (don’t judge). And I don’t claim to be a movie critic either. Perhaps, I can just share some observations and comments I had about the movie.

First, why did I watch the movie?

  1. I am starting to appreciate indie movies. I’ve reached that point where I am getting tired of the mainstream, the plot is always almost the same, happy ending, rich guy, poor girl who fell in love with each other, unrealistic scenarios. I want a breath of fresh air. A more realistic storyline or something that will get you thinking.
  2. Look at that title, “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa (The Story of Us That Never Was). It is very enticing. Because most of us, if not all, have had the same story before. It could be different setup than that in the movie but the same thought. When you see the title, you think it is something that you can relate to.
  3. This is the second time that I was asked by a friend to watch this. Since I missed the first time, I made sure to watch it this time. Plus, it’s only in UP. Lapit lang. (My friend wasn’t able to come though).

The Movie.


The movie didn’t start like the usual. They didn’t show how the 2 main characters (Sam and Isa) met or how they started the relationship. It started in the middle, actually nearing the end of the relationship. They’ve had the relationship for 6 months, but Isa still has a boyfriend (who is in the States, I assume). The film covered only 2 days and in that timeframe, it was shown that they’re trying to make the relationship work, though they both know that it was wrong. Also, another factor in the story was Sam has an offer to work in Berlin for three years, but he still hasn’t made up his mind because (I think) of Isa. In the end, you will understand the reason why the relationship was not right all along: Sam is a professor and Isa is his student. And as for the title of the story, Isa is an aspiring writer/filmmaker and they were asked to submit a script/story and Isa submitted (to her professor, Sam) their story with that title: “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa”. The movie ended with Sam erasing the word Wakas at the end of her story.

My points on the story:

I was thinking all along that the plot was that simple. They can’t be together because Isa is with another guy. But then you will have that ‘ahhhh moment’ at the end when you learn that Sam is actually Isa’s professor. And it all made sense. Though, the scene before that confused me when Sam got an email (email was not shown in this version, though during the Q&A portion, the producer and director said that initially they showed the content of the email reminding Sam regarding the school policy about Teacher-Student relationship. They’ve decided to cut it out on this version). I was guessing the whole time Sam was looking at his screen, what could he possibly be looking at. It could be about his Berlin offer, it could be an email from Isa, it could be a Facebook post or maybe his sister’s selfie. Who knows! (Good thing I stayed until the Q&A part to get the clarification). I think it was a good idea to keep the mystery up until the very end. But I’m not really sure if it was effective that they cut the ’email’ part because it was an important detail. If they did not do the Q&A and someone didn’t ask about it, I would have left the theatre a bit confused. But if the goal is to really make people think, then they have done the right thing. I mean, I would still understand it in the end but I would still wonder, what was in that screen? What was he looking at???

I don’t have any comment about the other aspects in the film, like the way it was shot. I don’t know anything about filmmaking so I’d rather not talk about it. But kudos to the cast and the crew, it must be very hard to shoot in a train, how I wish I could have been in that train while they were shooting just to see how they work. I bet it will be a good experience.

One more thing worth mentioning was the MUSIC! They have an amazing soundtrack!!! I wasn’t able to buy the cd though (I don’t have cash with me at that time). But whoever wrote it, sang it, it was amazing. (Sana, meron sa  Spotify! hahaha) Just listen to the music in the video at the bottom, (ganda! Madami pa sa movie!)

The last part of the event was the Q&A portion.

Sorry for the quality of the photo.

I have some questions in mind, but I dare not ask (hiya ako eh). But if it happens that they read this review, I would like to ask:

  1. I didn’t see it clearly but in the airport scene, the last scene. Was it Isa who was walking (with a guy), before Sam turned around? (It is cliché if it was.)
  2. What was Nestor Abrogena’s inspiration in writing this?
  3.  Lastly, when you write, do you already have an ending on your mind, or is it something that you just come up with while you were writing?

Here’s the trailer from the movie, Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa.

Luke: Mahal mo?

Sam: Oo

Luke: Mahal ka?

Sam: Siguro.


Much ♥, Andrea

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  • Jehpoy17

    Thank you sa Explanation about dun sa ending, di ko talga sya na gets.
    The email about school rules dapat di talga na cut.

    • Andrea Javier

      I agree! If I didn’t stay up until the Q&A portion, di ko rin sya maggets. But it was a nice movie, noh? 🙂

      • Jez Larano

        I just saw this review. In my opinion naman, the ending would’ve been less effective kung pinakita ‘yung email re: school rules against teacher-student relationship kasi may hint na agad na student nya si Isa. 🙂

  • CatalystJ

    It’s really hard to get the ending naman po talaga kasi it’s an open ending (because it’s true to life). It will have a sequel naman po sabi ni Kuya Brian (Luke), so we will know what happened to the two.

  • Christian Marc Hermosa

    Madalas kapag nagsusulat ako ng kwento, buo na sa isip ko yung magiging katapusan nung kwento. Tingin ko, ganun din ang nangyari bago pa man isulat ang script nito.

  • JKay Corpuz

    It was an open-ended story that’s the film! Sobrang makaka relate ka kasi yun ang reality, we need to sacrifice something to gain something. Majority sa atin nag start muna sa mali bago naging tama. 🙂

  • theuglywriter

    This I gotta see! Is it available now DVD? I sure hope so!

    I’m the Ugly Writer and I just stumbled upon this review. I hope you do more reviews on unique local films (scratch that, make it any local films).

    Hope to see more of you!

    • Andrea Javier

      Thank you, The Ugly Writers! It’s not yet available on DVD. But sometimes they do show it at Cinema 76. You should check it there! I am trying to do more reviews, however it’s not really my forte. But I might give it a shot again. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

      • theuglywriter

        Awww… But i liked how you reviewed this! What is Cinema 76??

        • Andrea Javier

          Really? Thanks! That means a lot. 🙂 Cinema 76 is a hidden sanctuary in San Juan where indie films are shown. They only charge 150 pesos for a movie. I think I should do a write up about them 🙂

          • theuglywriter

            Wow. I better google that soon! If you will visit them for your write-up, i’d like to tag along!

  • Omygosh. Thank you so much for mentioning the part that Sam is Isa’s professor because I was really confused and silently guessing that maybe Isa is Sam’s student but you just confirmed it and I am very much enlightened now. Thank You so much po and I really got the ending now.

    • Andrea Javier

      You’re welcome! Glad that my post clarified the confusion 🙂

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