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Nothing beats the first time: Hong Kong experience



March 10, 2013

Aaahhhh, my first out-of-the country trip. Of course, who would ever forget their first time to set foot on a foreign land? Not me, definitely. As a newbie in travelling, I got very excited upon knowing that, after 2 years of working my ass off, I am finally going out of the country!

Everything’s all set with the agency my mom trusts with her travels: CME Travel. We’re off to go to Hong Kong with a trip to Disneyland and 2 days at Shenzhen, China. Being a first timer, going out on a packaged trip would be very convenient, but after some time, I realized making your own research and itinerary would be more efficient and exciting.

Anyway, upon getting to the HK International, we headed to the immigration counter then on to get our baggage (we sort of got lost in the airport; it was huge compared to the NAIA airport and waaaay better). Then waited for our sundo.

IMG_1062-1_1 IMG_1066_1IMG_1061_2



When he arrived, we were given the stubs for breakfast, stickers for the tour and our itinerary. Then, we went to our hotel: Rambler Crest.

IMG_1189_1 IMG_1190_1IMG_1083_1 IMG_1096_1

Rambler Crest is situated in Tsing Yi. We had to take the MTR to get to other places. We arrived at the hotel around 10:00AM and we were advised that check in time is not until 2:00PM, so we decided to roam around HK in our free time.

IMG_1099_1 IMG_1109_1

IMG_1093_1 IMG_1114_1 IMG_1113_1

Good thing my mother had been to HK before so she knows where to go. So we rode the MTR (spacious; resembles the LRT that we have here),

IMG_1148_1 IMG_1120_1

and first went to Mongkok.

IMG_1131_1 IMG_1126_1 IMG_1130_1 IMG_1137_1

Mongkok looks like a cleaner and more spacious Divisoria. There are a lot of tiangge with affordable clothes, bag, shoes and food. I was able to snag a turtle neck dress for 70HKD (350Php) and boots for around the same price. I wasn’t able to buy a lot of stuff since my mom’s holding my money and we were thinking that we have to buy something else more important (in short, tinipid ako ni Mama. Hehe).

So we just went on strolling and looking around then one scary (but looking back I think it was funny) incident happened: We lost our mom! Yes, in the middle of all these Chinese people who speak little English, with no money in our pockets and our phones were useless. We didn’t know what to do! We looked around, and around and around (You know how it is in the movies when someone is looking around for something, yung parang umiikot yung camera. Ganon yung feeling!) then I saw my sister was about to cry, so I started shouting “mama!” “mama!”. Chinese people were looking at me at this point, pero deds. Tang*na, nawawala kami e! We started walking back and forth on that street for about 10 mins or longer, when we saw a familiar face, walking calmly towards us and said, “Alam ko naman di kayo aalis dito. So di ako nag-alala”. God, if she only knew how freaked out we were! Oh well, the important thing is we have our mother again and vow that the next time we should stick to each other or at least have a money in our pockets.

Of course, we got hungry after that. We saw food stalls along the streets, and I want to try them badly!

IMG_1132_1 IMG_1139_1IMG_1140_1 IMG_1141_1

But sometimes, I have to understand that having a doctor as your mom means being careful with what you eat. She’s kind enough to let us try 2 sticks of crab andIMG_1143_1 fish.

Of course, the last thing we want to happen on this trip is to have an upset stomach.

So, we walked around to look for a decent place to eat, and you might have guessed it right. We went to a place safe enough and popular enough to eat at. Mcdonalds.

Then we took the train to Hong Kong station, and passed by the World Wide Center, where mostly are Filipinos, then walked some more, then we decided to head back to our hotel.

Saw the JP Morgan Chase headquarters in HK.


Day 2: City Tour and Disneyland

We started our day by claiming our free breakfast at Café de Coral.

IMG_1277_1  IMG_1262_1

IMG_1279_1 IMG_1281_1

I didn’t like the food. It has no taste at all. Good thing it was for free.

Then we waited for our bus for the city tour. Here’s our OOTD for the meantime.

IMG_1254_1 IMG_1255_1                                     IMG_1256_1

City Tour

First stop was the Avenue of Stars. It is Hong Kong’s version of Walk of Fame. Located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. It honors celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry. (source: Wikipedia)

IMG_1315_1IMG_1357_1 IMG_1355_1                              IMG_1354_1

1403514773395 IMG_1319_1 IMG_1320_1

IMG_1318_1 IMG_1350_1 IMG_1366_1



Mama trying out the dragon fountain.

It was said that if you wish on this fountain then wet your hands and tap it in your head, your wish will come true.




Second stop was the J.W Jewelry. I am not interested about the jewelries. So I just took photos of the place.

IMG_1390_1 IMG_1391_1                            IMG_1395_1


Mirror shot selfie

Next Stop was the Chocolate Empire. They have lots of free taste! We get to try all the chocolates we want. This is where we bought our pasalubong.

IMG_1401_1IMG_1407_1 IMG_1404_1                                 IMG_1409_1

IMG_1403_1 IMG_1412_1

IMG_1415_1 IMG_1414_1

On the way to our next stop: Sampan Tour.


The tunnel under the sea.

I was freakingly amazed of this tunnel. I won’t deny it. This is an underwater tunnel. I can’t help but wonder how it was constructed. How great the tools were used to build a tunnel under the sea. I even wonder maybe it was constructed when there was no water yet. But duh, that is a sea. You can’t just put a sea.


IMG_1462_1 IMG_1468_1


Met Filipinos on our trip!



I was disappointed. I thought we will eat inside.

IMG_1455_1 IMG_1472_1

After the city tour, we were off to Disneyland.



IMG_1507_1_1 IMG_1493_1IMG_1526_1 IMG_1523-1_1


Of course, there’s no people around.

Pardon my selfies.

IMG_1539_1  IMG_1542-1_1


Waiting for the 3PM Parade.

Sucky part: We weren’t able to see the 3PM parade because we were busy trying those silly kiddie rides and we forgot the time. Only my mother was able to see it… again. I know, who goes to Disneyland without seeing the parade? Us.

IMG_1600_1 IMG_1601_1

Took the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad to get to the other side of Disneyland. Our feet are hurting already we can’t walk that far!

IMG_1633_1 IMG_1647_1                                    IMG_1670_1

We have to queue for couple of minutes just to have a photo with these bitches.

IMG_1668_1 IMG_1645_1


At night.

IMG_1730_1 IMG_1759_1



IMG_1759_1 IMG_1771_1


One of our favorites is the It’s a Small World. It’s like being on a river cruise all around the world. It was exciting because we keep on guessing which country is which.


IMG_1776_1 IMG_1789_1 IMG_1829_1

Few shots inside.

IMG_1812_1 IMG_1820_1 IMG_1827_1 IMG_1833_1











IMG_1837_1 IMG_1860_1

After It’s a small world, we waited for the fireworks. We may have missed the parade, but not this one!


IMG_1909_1 IMG_1920_1

IMG_1907_1 IMG_1935_1

IMG_1958_1 IMG_1970_1 IMG_1977_1 IMG_1986_1


IMG_1988_1 IMG_1992_1

The fireworks started around 7PM. Once it was finished, we rushed to the bus to avoid the stampede of the people. Our feet were hurting terribly from all the walking and running and standing. It was such a relief to sit in the bus.

We headed home and reached the hotel past 9PM, I think. We slept immediately since we have to leave the hotel tomorrow early in the morning to go to Shenzhen, China.

*We weren’t able to go to Ocean park, so we said we will try to go the following day, if the tour guide will allow us. Unfortunately, we have to comply to the itinerary provided to us. So we went to Shenzhen frustrated and just hope that something better awaits us there…

Our trip to Shenzhen, China will be in a separate post.


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