Crossing the border: Hong Kong – Shenzhen, China



Shenzhen is pronounced as “Sham-dzen”

PS. This is a long overdue post. And was dated back to March 2013.


We were fetched from the hotel around 8am, after we grabbed the tasteless food from Café de Coral.

Then we dropped off at MTR Ho Hum Station and were given instructions to take the East Rail Train and to dismount at the last station and there we will meet our China tour guide. The train station in Hong Kong is really organized. They have a TV screen that shows your train schedule and if you miss your train, the next schedule is also posted.

IMG_2014 IMG_2021 IMG_2022 IMG_2025

The train ride was long, it was around 30 mins. Finally, we dropped off at Lo Wu which is the Hong Kong – China border.

Upon meeting our China tour guide, he handed us our temporary China visas (he took care of our visas since we will only be staying there for 2 days, the visas were provided onset, I believe that was good for 5 – 7 days).

At the immigration, I found it funny how the immigration officer looked at me three times to check if it is really I on the passport. But good thing, he let me pass.


IMG_2027 IMG_2031
When we all get to pass the immigration, we headed to the hotel. Since we still have hangover from Hong Kong and we wanted to go back to Mongkok to shop and to go to Ocean Park, we asked our tour guide if we can still go back to Hong Kong after the city tour (we thought city tour was on our 1st day in China. Turns out it was scheduled the following day). So the answer was NO. We were not allowed to go back to HK anymore. So with frustrated mood we stayed in the hotel and wasted our whole day. Good thing, the hotel has wifi (in the lobby), so I get to video call some of my friends back in the Philippines .


IMG_2033 IMG_2039 IMG_2041  IMG_2040 IMG_2051

We were asked by our tour guide if we want to visit the Window of the World for 1000Php (I fogot how much it is in Yuan). Since I don’t have money with me, I have no right to decide. My mom said no. So we just stayed in the hotel.
Around late in the afternoon, we decided to stroll around the place. It was said that there were tiangge around. I was expecting something like the one in Mongkok, but I was disappointed. We ate at KFC after that, we didn’t even like the food. It has a distinct smell and taste, like the smell of curry. I hate it.


IMG_2059 IMG_2068IMG_2061 IMG_2063  IMG_2071 IMG_2072 IMG_2074

After a few walks outside, we headed back home.

The following day, it was our last day in China. We were scheduled to go on the City Tour and go to the Window of the World. After breakfast, we waited for our tour guide in the lobby and found a Filipino family, who turned out to be our company in the tour. They initially thought that my sister and I were Chinese (hah! maybe it was because of the eyeliner :p), but when they saw our mom, they knew she’s a Filipino.

IMG_2077 IMG_2085

We first went on a City Tour. I can no longer remember the names of the places we visited. But I remember a jewelry shop because we bought some lucky charm bracelets there (my mom is a believer of Feng Shui and goodluck charms). We also had the chance to visit the Window of the World (which was offered to us the previous day, and we regret not taking it) but only to have photo-op outside.

IMG_2098 IMG_2109

IMG_2125 IMG_2133IMG_2095 IMG_2097IMG_2104 IMG_2096


With our tour guide



IMG_2136 IMG_2193 IMG_2147 IMG_2149 IMG_2167 IMG_2171 IMG_2172 IMG_2180

IMG_2144 IMG_2187

IMG_2173 IMG_2155 IMG_2157IMG_2136

Finally, after a hundreds of snapshots, we had our lunch.


IMG_2203 IMG_2204 IMG_2208 IMG_2206 IMG_2209

We regret not taking the offer of the tour guide the previous night. The Window of the World is amazing. It is a place where the miniature replicas of all the landmarks in the world are located. There is the mini Eiffel Tower, mini Tower of Piza, mini Pyramids of Egypt, etc…

The part of package that we took was to ride in a tram that goes around the whole theme park. Here are the few snapshots…

IMG_2251IMG_2227 IMG_2289 IMG_2236IMG_2271 IMG_2269IMG_2285IMG_2280

IMG_2281 IMG_2264



IMG_2238IMG_2239 IMG_2240

After the tram ride, we still have time to take pictures around the place. The whole place is picture-worthy.

Here are some…


IMG_2224 IMG_2226 IMG_2225IMG_2221IMG_2222IMG_2223

IMG_2290IMG_2317 IMG_2313 IMG_2300IMG_2297 IMG_2327IMG_2220

IMG_2320 IMG_2315 IMG_2305 IMG_2323

LAST STOP – I was able to buy something on our last stop. It was something that you place in your neck to avoid pangangalay. And it was effective.

IMG_2329 IMG_2337 IMG_2340

Afterwards, we went back to our shuttle and dropped us on the border again. We bid goodbye to our very nice tour guide, then we were fetched from the other side by a bus. Then we were off to the airport.

Then we head to the HK Airport, we roam around the stores inside. My sister bought her MAC lipstick there (cheaper than the price here). When it was almost time for boarding, we didn’t know that for us to reach the boarding gate we have to take the shuttle that has around 3-5 mins interval. We were already running because we thought we would miss the flight. Good thing, we were just right on time.

IMG_2356 IMG_2355 IMG_2363

So, if you are to ask me how’s my first out of the country experience… It was fun! There were regrets. But that’s okay, because it made me want to go back again to HongKong. And I promised myself that I will go back to shop and visit the Ocean Park and the Victoria Peak some other time. But I will no longer avail a package by then. I will make my own itinerary.




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