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Words to Live By of a 24-Year Old Kid

24 is all about conquering your fears, following your heart and stepping out of your comfort zone. Those are the exact words that popped into my thought bubble as I was contemplating about life while taking a shower. I just turned 24. And I really want to make the most out of this year. See, this […]

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The Sunday Currently | 01

It is August already! My favorite month, well, because it is my birth month! I usually have a month long celebration, but this year’s probably a little different. I haven’t planned any celebration, except for the one today: lunch with my family. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because my mom’s not feeling well. So we’re still […]

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Comfort Zone

For someone who is afraid of changes and of taking risks,  leaving my comfort zone is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. You know when you are already accustomed to the people and the environment and all of a sudden it will all change. That’s what I was scared of. To have to start all over again. But as what […]

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Love in 2015

I don’t know but I am feeling extremely positive this 2015. Maybe because it is still the beginning. Beginnings make us feel hopeful, right? This year, I feel like I am going to love again. Not romantically, but I will be in love with life in general. In 2014, I ended a long time relationship […]

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5 Ways To Know If The Girl With Big Ego Is Into You

While girls are often regarded by men as hard to understand, girls with big ego are ultimately the hardest to decipher. They say things that mean the other, they never let their guards down and they always, always show that their better off alone than to be with you. So how would you know if […]

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First time: Cinemalaya 2014

  I’ve never been fond of Filipino movies. Maybe due to its predictable storyline and unconvincing acting of the artistas nowadays. But they say indie movies are different, for they tackle the real issues of the society — issues that most of the mainstream movies don’t focus on. This year, Cinemalaya falls on my birthday week. I decided […]

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Tips for the incoming Thomasian Freshmen

  UST has a very special way of welcoming freshmen. You would walk through the Arch of the Centuries and have a university-wide welcoming event. Aside from that, your own college or society will prepare welcome activities for you guys, so make sure you have a camera handy and ready. Because you wouldn’t want to […]

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