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Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep.

The last few days of December until the present were hard for me. I thought I had a problem with my heart, when I experienced discomfort in my chest. I consulted a Cardiologist immediately, and tests were conducted (ECG, 2D Echo, Stress Test and Blood Test). Initially, it was found that I have Sinus Arrythmia […]

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The Sunday Currently | 05

Hello! It’s been two weeks since my last TSC. I did not forget to make one last week, I just wasn’t able to do it because all of a sudden, my laptop’s charger decided not to function. So, I’ve got no choice but to skip last week. So here we go…

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The Sunday Currently | 04

My fourth TSC post, whaddup!? Technically, it is already a Monday here in the Philippines, but it is still a Sunday on the other side of the world. So this is still valid. 🙂 It was a long weekend for us, no work tomorrow, more time for blogging and for play. Anyway, last week was […]

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Sunday Currently | 03

Yaaay! 3rd volume of The Sunday Currently. We just had a long weekend and another one coming up in two weeks! I started last week with a fever, my first absence from work. Hopefully, this week will be a better one. Yesterday was a jam-packed Saturday for me. Met my former officemates to join them on their […]

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My first Thought Catalog article!

One of things in my bucket list, crossed out. I discovered my love for writing back when I was in high school. It was when I got a taste of my first heartbreak (which was just a puppy love) that I found comfort in writing. I wrote poems and essays about love and life that I […]

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The Sunday Currently | 02

Hello! I am currently on my 2nd volume of The Sunday Currently. I was looking forward to do this for the entire week! Finally, it’s Sunday once again! So, today’s kind of a long day for me. I went out with my friends last night. We don’t have a concrete plan for last night, we […]

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National Bookstore's Great Warehouse Sale

Every year, National Bookstore opens its doors to all the book-ish, bookworms, bibliophiles out there by gracing this Great Warehouse Sale event that takes place in their Quezon Avenue branch. This year, I am happy to be part of the said event. The door opens at 9:00 in the morning. And I was there a little […]

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