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I’ve been meaning to try Anti-Gravity for a long time now. And finally, I made it happen! Well, a little thanks to my anxiety attacks. I heard yoga and meditation helps.


I availed of Beyond Yoga’s #BeyondResolutions New to Fitness Promo. It includes Yoga, Zumba and Anti-Gravity Yoga all for P1000. Since it needs to be used up for one week only, I have to give up Zumba, because it won’t fit my schedule. But the Yoga and Anti-Gravity was worth it!

It wasn’t my first time to do yoga. I took 4 sessions of Yoga before in YogaPlus (The Fort) because they had a promo of P100 per session every Thursday. But it wasn’t the yoga for beginners. I jumped immediately to Led Ashtanga. So this time, I signed up for the Yoga Start, which covers the basic yoga poses.

The one I was excited about was the Anti-Gravity yoga! The photos look enticing. To be honest, I wanted to try it for Instagram purposes (I know, so babaw). But then, when I got there I really enjoyed it! It seems pretty easy, but it’s actually hard at first. I remember when I got to the class, the yoga instructor came to me and ask (while he was adjusting my hammock) if I have trust issues. I can’t help but laugh (because yes I do). He said that I have to trust the hammock. That means if he said lie in the hammock, you have to give your weight to the hammock. Trust.

How’s this for a first timer?


In order to reach this position, I have to hang myself vertically first, then I have to pull myself up, then do the pose. It was scary and hard at first and not to mention, painful in the thighs. So I suggest wear leggings. I was wearing my volleyball shorts initially, then I changed.

It was really fun. I am thinking of enrolling myself for 1 month, but I really need to find time for this. Right now, my schedule is somehow full. But the next time, I got free time, I wouldn’t think twice doing this again!

If you’re interested, you can check out Beyond Yoga’s website. Find a branch near your place or check their classes to see if it would fit your schedule.






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