Week 30: July 20 – July 26, 2014

  • Started the week with my family, then I spent Sunday evening with my sister at her dorm. We had lunch at Lugang Cafe in SM North, The Block. After last week’s cravings for Japanese food, this week we had Chinese food. We had Spinach Soup, Fish Fillet, Roasted Chicken and Salted Squid.  A bit pricey, good thing it was my Papa’s turn to pay the bills. Yey! The food was ‘just okay’. I personally prefer Mann Hann or Hap Chan when it comes to Chinese food. Though I would give them 4 stars for the ambiance but probably a 3 for their service (very slow).
  • Commuting made easier and faster. Thanks to the MRT Store Value Card (P100.00) and Tap BGC Card (P50 for the card + 100 Load). That was my first time to buy the Tap BGC. Somehow, I felt that I am saving money for travel expenses because I only buy MRT card and reload the Tap BGC once in a week or two.
  • Finally, found time to catch up with Say (the one in the middle picture). I missed her so much. We rarely spend some time together, 1 hour is longest time we’ve been together. And I super want to make it up to her but I always fail. We had dinner at Banapple (since there was a newly-opened branch in Fairview Terraces) and we had my usual order Bacon Fried Chicken Steak with Mushroom Gravy (which she liked! Good thing!) and their Snicker Fudge Cheesecake (which we didn’t like. Meh).
  • One of the things I look forward to this week was my 2nd yoga session. This time I went alone. Unfortunately, my friends who I went with last week, both had little sleep the previous night, so they need to catch up. But, you know, there are perks for being alone. This time, I was able to concentrate more on the positions and I was able to “meditate” for real. Hihi.
  • And of course, some of my cheap thrills for the week: Sandwich Guy’s Cheesy Bacon with Potato and 711’s Schlurp (milk tea).
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